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The Best In-Person and Virtual Team Building Activities and Scavenger Hunts


Why Strayboots?

Strayboots is a leading provider of digital scavenger hunts, virtual games, and team building activities, with more than 2,000 customers in 100+ cities worldwide!

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Our team building events make team building FUN. Build connections, foster trust and engage employees on your next team building event with Strayboots.

Virtual Scavenger Hunts and Team Trivia Games

The best solution to keep your remote employees engaged!
Our virtual scavenger hunts and digital trivia games will bring your remote employees together with an interactive, game-sharing experience - all without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes.

Hosted via Zoom, Webex, or your video conferencing software and one of our event facilitators, our shared activities are the perfect solution to bring your employees together when in isolation, encouraging team bonding, morale, and plenty of laughs for individuals that work remotely.

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Strayboots - Virtual Team Building
Team building scavenger hunts

Team Building Scavenger Hunts

Looking to beat employee burnout and build company culture? Then get out of the office and get your Strayboots on!  

Our interactive mobile scavenger hunts are designed to improve team bonding without the hokey trust falls. Solve riddles, complete challenges, and explore your city all while enhancing that team spirit with some serious fun.  

Whether you’re hoping to energize longtime employees or orient new ones, we got that secret sauce that’ll break the ice or shake up that same ole’ office routine. You choose the locale and we’ll serve up the competition. 

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Museum Scavenger Hunts

Get your cultural exploration on with a trip back in time as you discover your favorite local museum. Think they’re boring? You ain’t seen nothin’.  

With our interactive mobile scavenger hunts, your team is sure to have some serious fun while getting a world class education. Solve tricky riddles, imitate statues for photo ops, and complete challenges amidst some of the most precious artifacts in the world while feeding that team spirit. Whether you’re a fan of high falutin’ art, or can’t get enough of a Tyrannosaurus, we’ll help you relive these treasures in a whole new way. 

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Museum scavenger hunts
Orientation days

Onboarding and Orientation Days

Onboarding doesn’t have to be boring. Our engaging, interactive solutions turn onboarding into a memorable adventure that sets the tone for a beautiful new friendship for years to come!  

Make a great first impression with Strayboots to welcome new hires, while helping them get to know their surroundings. Customization is the name of the game and we’ll work with you to create a unique onboarding experience based on custom challenges that are both informative and fun.

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Team Building Games

Does your company want to build and develop skills to increase your team’s productivity, in and out of the office? 

Our unique team building activities create a stronger team environment, guaranteeing happier employees and a better product.  

Enhance personal development that will build a more cohesive and committed team in a healthier and more productive workplace. Strayboots is here to help!

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Strayboots Team Building

Customer Testimonials

"Strayboots is a great activity. We created a fun custom hunt at our campus - where new employees get a chance to visit different offices, meet other employees and learn more about the company. Our teams love it! They always come back with a smile.” – Marta Strzyzewska,

"Each and every team was engaged, and the feedback was outstanding – we accomplished everything as planned, and much more!” - Janine Moreno, JP Morgan Chase

“Our Strayboots experience was top notch. Getting set up was a quick and painless process, communication was excellent and customer service was on point. Our group loved it and the photos generated are a great keepsake. Highly recommended!” – Tom Supple, Google

“An amazing solution for new employees, we received rave reviews and everyone were so engaged! I never saw them that engaged, and was never able to teach them about the company as fast as it was with Strayboots. It's making our lives at the HR department so much easier.” – Melissa Zucker, Public Reputation 

“What the group enjoyed about this was mingling with people that they maybe don’t always work with, or at least mingling with people in a different way. This is a work group, we do engage with each other in a variety of ways, but not like this.” – Debbie Smith, Microsoft  

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